Avoid being ripped by unscrupulous forex brokers

sdfwefGuys this blog is about Marketing I know but let me tell you something. May of you have been draming of becoming a master trader right ? If you are considering to start with currency trading, first thing you will definitely need is a fully functional yet very simple to use forex mäklare svenska . There are many currency brokers who offer online platforms for trading currencies. You will have to find a company with a good reputation, a broker which will keep your deposit safe. It is always worth to put your little effort and do a quick background check before you choose some of many available brokers.

IMPORTANT UPDATE SEPTEMBER 2014: More than 45 platforms went bust just this year which proves my theory that ist not easy for an average Joe to find the right boker.

When you compare trading platforms, always visit various trading forums and check out the reputation of each company. Reputation is truly one of the key aspects one has to keep in mind. This is mandatory. It is also strongly advised to check whether the company is regulated by financial authorities or not.

Most binary option brokers will offer you a demo platform (so called “practice account”) where you can test the functionality first. You should definitely play with practice account first and test all functions thoroughly!

How to find suitable forex broker

When you finally find a good forex platform, read their terms of service before you signup with them. If something is unclear related to Terms of Service, contact their Support and clarify all questions you may have.

Last but not the least, customer support is very important. In the end, you will trade with your own hard earned money and in case of any trading issues in the future, you must be sure there will be somebody on the other side of the telephone line who will be able to help you. The best companies offer you phone or Skype support.

The competition in both stock trading and forex industry is really fierce, fortunately for you as a trader this means lot of possibilities to choose from, so do yourself a favour, go and find the best binary trading platform for your needs.

Now watch this fantastic video about how not to get ripped by forex brokers:

Online Marketing Tips for Casino Owners

If you own an online casino  then you already know this business environment is pretty competitive. Whether your online visitors come to play roulette or just automaty zdarma you know one thing, you for sure need lot of traffic! If you need more traffic to your gaming website, you need not worry more. In fact, there are numerous marketing ideas for online casino owners that can enable them promote their business effectively thus, attracting more traffic into their websites.

The various effective marketing strategies include:

  • Creating an online casino which is SEO friendly: getting found in major SE such as Yahoo, Bing and Google is critical when promoting your online casino. When making your online casino SEO friendly, you need to consider a number of factors including using meta-tags and titles, and removing unnecessary coding.
  • Article marketing: this is a perfect way to create backlinks to your casino business and to connect better with your clients or audience.
  • Social media marketing: during the attempt to promote your online casino, nothing will be more priceless for your website than all of the likes, tweets and shares you get from your followers. Social media marketing is one of the most effective forms of marketing, yet, frequently ignored by most casino owners.
  • Use an affiliate program: an affiliate program offers incentive to marketers to promote your casino online. Every time they refer a new player to your website, they will receive a certain percentage of money. Through this method, you will be able to market your online casino more effectively.

So there you have it! Now go and put these tips into practice.

Owners of online gambling are in tough situation. They need to take tough marketing decision regarding their marketing strategies.