Avoid being ripped by unscrupulous forex brokers

If you are considering to start with currency trading, first thing you will definitely need is a fully functional yet very simple to use forex broker  valutamäklare. There are many currency brokers who offer online platforms for trading currencies. You will have to find a company with a good reputation, a broker which will keep your deposit safe. It is always worth to put your little effort and do a quick background check before you choose some of many available brokers.

When you compare trading platforms, always visit various trading forums and check out the reputation of each company. Reputation is truly one of the key aspects one has to keep in mind. This is mandatory. It is also strongly advised to check whether the company is regulated by financial authorities or not.

Most binary option brokers will offer you a demo platform (so called “practice account”) where you can test the functionality first. You should definitely play with practice account first and test all functions thoroughly!

How to find suitable forex broker

When you finally find a good forex platform, read their terms of service before you signup with them. If something is unclear related to Terms of Service, contact their Support and clarify all questions you may have.

Last but not the least, customer support is very important. In the end, you will trade with your own hard earned money and in case of any trading issues in the future, you must be sure there will be somebody on the other side of the telephone line who will be able to help you. The best companies offer you phone or Skype support.

The competition in both stock trading and forex industry is really fierce, fortunately for you as a trader this means lot of possibilities to choose from, so do yourself a favour, go and find the best binary trading platform for your needs.

Now watch this fantastic video about how not to get ripped by forex brokers:

Online Marketing Tips for Casino Owners

If you own an online casino  then you already know this business environment is pretty competitive. Whether your online visitors come to play roulette or just automaty zdarma you know one thing, you for sure need lot of traffic! If you need more traffic to your gaming website, you need not worry more. In fact, there are numerous marketing ideas for online casino owners that can enable them promote their business effectively thus, attracting more traffic into their websites.

The various effective marketing strategies include:

  • Creating an online casino which is SEO friendly: getting found in major SE such as Yahoo, Bing and Google is critical when promoting your online casino. When making your online casino SEO friendly, you need to consider a number of factors including using meta-tags and titles, and removing unnecessary coding.
  • Article marketing: this is a perfect way to create backlinks to your casino business and to connect better with your clients or audience.
  • Social media marketing: during the attempt to promote your online casino, nothing will be more priceless for your website than all of the likes, tweets and shares you get from your followers. Social media marketing is one of the most effective forms of marketing, yet, frequently ignored by most casino owners.
  • Use an affiliate program: an affiliate program offers incentive to marketers to promote your casino online. Every time they refer a new player to your website, they will receive a certain percentage of money. Through this method, you will be able to market your online casino more effectively.

So there you have it! Now go and put these tips into practice.

Owners of online gambling are in tough situation. They need to take tough marketing decision regarding their marketing strategies.

Are you looking for the magic bullet to give you great SEO ?

I hear conversation from people about SEO from so many different sources. I have to ask why that is such an issue with so many people. I think instead of worrying about SEO, you should focus on what you really want and decide if getting better SEO will get you there.

Should you be looking for high traffic?

Personally though as a writer, I love being read by as many people as possible, I am not looking for high traffic. Though there many be some options in the future for products that don’t involve me (Julie) delivering services directly, right now my services are tied to Julie delivering the services. I know how many people I can work with at DesignResumes.com and there will be a specific number of people I can work with here on The Marketing Results Blog.

What kind of reader do I want?

I want to reach people who would find working with me to be something they really want to do. I also want to provide a resource to people who will never work with me but would benefit by my information. I can’t do that through plugging in an SEO formula and kicking in key words that are meaningless to my business just to get readers who will never want to work with me and who have no interest in my subject matter.

I want committed people who have a desire to learn. I want some of those to be people who understand the value of investment and are willing to see our working together as an investment in their future.

What have I found that works to increase the SEO for my blogs?

  1. Write interesting content applicable for my subject matter. If I want people to find me on this blog, I will talk about content marketing, social media, blog organization, entrepreneurship, and other things related to the main topic of Marketing Results. On my other blog for Design Resumes, I focus on job search, career marketing, resumes, and how to cope with the attitude issues of being unemployed.
  2. Since this is a WordPress blog, I make full use of all the areas within WordPress’s backside (the post writing area) to make sure I have created searchable content and do have key words, such as the title, categories, tags, and the content itself.
  3. Use the Headway theme  tools. Not only does using Headway let you create an attractive looking site, the team at Headway has built-in SEO tools. When I write a post, I can enter in the title, a brief summary, and several key words that fit the topic of the post.
  4. Use sharing tools. Right now this blog is using ShareThis which lets people share to many different platforms. Since the top sharing for me is on Twitter, LinkedIn, Facebook, and Stumble, I have chosen those tools for my blog. As soon as Google+ is included in ShareThis, I will include it because that is one more platform I am using regularly.
  5. Be visible on the social networking platforms you enjoy using. People share things for people they know so build relationships.
  6. Check to see what is bringing SEO traffic to your blog. Jim Connolly suggested that I use Woopra’s app in addition to Google Analytics. Woopra has real time analytics which I can use to determine who is on my site, what queries are attracting them, and what keywords are being sought. Potentially, I could focus my topics and writing to meet the needs of the people who are visiting or tailor my posts to focus more specifically on what I would like people to be searching for on my blogs.

I know SEO has value but I think people worry about it too much and fail to realize that numbers are not their goal. Unless you are selling small widgets and can push them out in high volume, most small businesses need clients or customers who value your services or products and will share your message. I want to build advocates who understand what I offer and see me as a resource for themselves and someone they feel comfortable recommending to friends and family. If I can create content that builds those advocates, I have accomplished my goal


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How to make your blog massively more searchable with these 4 tips

No one likes to lose things. We have all spent time looking through files to find that invoice, document, or article.

Did transitioning to paperless filing help?

Even electronic paperless processes have not eliminated the frustrations from losing things. People still hunt for receipts at tax time to complete their returns. Many people seem to be organizationally challenged.

What tools should I have to make my blog more searchable?

Take a look around this blog. Even though this is a brand new blog, I have set up systems to find specific topics when the content in the blog expands.

  1. Search box Headway makes this easy with the new search box built into the navigation bar up at the top. To use it, all you have to do is type in a term. I give my own search box located on the sidebar or workout almost every day as I use it to link to posts I write or to answer questions from clients.
  2. Recent Posts (and Popular Posts) Plug-ins There are a variety of plug-ins available for you. I recommend having both on your blog as it grows. The popular post plug-in pulls your most popular posts out and you can configure them to fit your time table. On this blog, I have individual plug-ins set up that pull posts into lists. On my other blog, I changed to a plug-in on the sidebar that combines both recent and popular into one area to save space. Yesterday, I changed the formula from 60 to 250 days to pull different posts. The number is arbitrary but I was looking for my online application post to share with a client and with 250 days, it floats to the top of the list.
  3. Categories Perhaps you have wondered why you see categories on so many blogs. This plug-in sorts your posts into organized lists of posts. I am still building the category list here but in the future it will be fully functional and searchable.
  4. Archives Did you wonder why bloggers put the archives on their blogs? Once again, this helps people find posts that were written awhile back. I probably use that search tool more than my readers. If I remember that I wrote a post in October, I can look at the October list and find it. One more tool to find your information.
  5. Follow Matt Cutts and learn about the newest SEO tips from him as hes Googles head of webspam team. When he speaks you better listen !

You want your blog to be user-friendly and you want to be able to find your own posts, so you might check to make sure you have set some of these options up on your own blog. One of the most frustrating things for a regular reader is to not be able to find their favorite topic because it is buried in batches of posts written later.


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How to catapult your Google rankings in 3 steps!

If you are using online marketing, you want to be found, right? Everyone is looking for the easy way to do that. How do you make sure that Google finds you and that you can be found. I see this all the time in my career industry e-lists and with other small business owners.

Everyone is looking for the magic SEO formula or optimization. There is validity in SEO optimization, but I think people put too much emphasis on hunting for a magic formula and don’t work hard enough on more basic steps that anyone can do without being an SEO wizard.

It comes down to everyone looking for the easy way to do things: Get great SEO, get rich quickly, and just make it easy.

The easy way to success is hard work!

I will tell you a little secret. Before January 2009, I had NO web presence. At that point, my Design Resumes business was 25 years old. When it started as a sideline business, I was a property manager. When an internal transfer to a new property in Illinois failed and my husband and I both lost our jobs, my mother-in-law’s suggested I start up the sideline resume business to put food on the table.

I became busy and added several non-profit contracts as another revenue stream. It took me years to realize that the additional revenue stream was taking all my energy and all my focus away from my own career industry business.

I finally set up Propelling You to Career Success in January 2009 on a static site using Dreamweaver with the help of a web designer. I had started a WordPress blog in October 2008 and had Kim Woodbridge move the two together in April 2009. In March of 2010, we moved the whole site off of Dreamweaver and onto Headway which opened the door to real traction.

All you want to do is attract new clients or customers, right?

Design Resumes is now attracting new clients who find the site and me (Julie Walraven) easily through Google. How?

Step 1: Comment on blogs

When I started exploring social media, I figured out the only way I would learn about this new process was to go figure out people who seemed to know what they were talking about and listen. I started reading blogs written by people like Jim Connolly, Danny Brown, and others who were in the space at the time. I also started commenting on their blogs. Amazingly, people responded to my comments and talked to me. This encouraged me to comment more on their blogs and find new ones to comment on. I don’t think I realized what would happen. But suddenly when I Googled my own name, I found that the number of pages I was on kept growing. Every comment was building my Google profile.

Step 2: Make your home your blog and encourage others to visit

As I commented, I linked back to my blog. I also commented on CommentLuv blogs and added CommentLuv to Propelling You to Career Success (Design Resumes’ blog). This blog will also be using CommentLuv and I’ve just learned there is a brand new version coming out soon. CommentLuv captures the titles of the posts from your commenters if they have their own blogs. It rewards them for coming to visit by inserting the titles and links back to their sites. Now it would be foolish to just make silly comments or try to fill them with links back to your site but if you leave thoughtful, intelligent comments, you will build community.

Step 3: Blog regularly

I said there was no easy button. You need to make your blog your home, own your own real estate, and yes, it should be part of your website not an outside site. Your blog must be integrated into your site. This is why Headway and other premium themes are so popular, they let you have a complete site all in one place. Once you do that, you need to write. No easy button, just write. We can talk about how to build content another day but for now, just write.


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Why your protected tweets dont work for me

You’re a little afraid of this social media business and you don’t want to misstep so you opted to protect your tweets. This makes me crazy! Twitter and Facebook work totally differently. With Facebook, you do want to watch what you say and use strong privacy settings. With Twitter, you should still watch what you say but don’t make people jump through hooks to talk with you.

Aaron Lee just wrote about the businesses who protect their tweets in his post, “Businesses: Are Your Twitter Accounts Set To Private?”

All of his points are equally important to individuals.

Your tweets don’t appear in the public stream if you protect your tweets.

Twitter is all about building community and when you protect your tweets, you put a quick halt to all the community building efforts there are.

If you are confused about how to get started on social media and are trying to take it slow, your best bet is to do some research and learn rather than putting halts on connections.

If you have never met me before, you may not know my other side. As the owner of Design Resumes, I work with job seekers who often are trying to use social media to learn about opportunities and build connections. Hint, you can’t do that if you shut the door and don’t let anyone in.

Common Twitter newbie errors

I wrote “10 secrets to avoid common Twitter newbie errors” on my other blog, Propelling you to Career Success. You can read them there but here is the one on protected tweets:

Privacy Lock: You are following me but you turned on Protect my tweets in Tweet privacy. If you are only using Twitter to talk to friends, I suppose the privacy level is important. The difference in Twitter from Facebook is that you don’t choose who follows you. Anyone can follow anyone in Twitter. If you follow me and want me to follow back, then make it easy for me to follow you, don’t protect your tweets.

If you are wanting to use Twitter for any marketing efforts, protected tweets makes even less sense. Learning marketing strategies is best done out in the open, not hiding behind walls.